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Ovais Tariq
Himank Chaudhary
Yevgeniy Firsov

We're excited to announce the launch of Tigris Data, a company on the mission of simplifying storage for developers.

Over the years, data has become increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Developers have had their lives made exponentially more difficult due in large part to all the different technologies they're expected to put together to build modern applications.

The data sprawl also puts a lot of pressure on operations teams, who must manage, maintain and secure different system. Then there is the onerous task of operationalizing these system across multiple different cloud platforms.

Complexity to Simplicity with Tigris

We have personally experienced the pain and financial cost from the complexity. We want to make it easier for you to work with data by providing you with a storage platform that helps quickly and easily store the data while providing you with consistent high performance.

We're grateful to have assembled an amazing team that is passionate about simplifying data management for developers. Our team has a wealth of experience in storage systems, distributed systems, and databases. We're excited to bring our knowledge and experience to bear on the problem of data management.

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The foundersโ€‹

Before starting Tigris Data, the founders, Ovais, Himank, and Yevgeniy, spent almost six years working closely together at Uber. They developed and operated Uber's storage infrastructure, leading projects like Docstore, Herb, and DBEvents.

Their experiences have given them a lot of important lessons. They've learned about the importance of making architectural choices that can scale, establishing efficiency as a core principle, hiring the right talent, and cultivating a culture that supports diversity, innovation, and growth.