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Tigris now available on the Vercel Marketplace

· 3 min read
Ovais Tariq

We are excited to announce that Tigris is now available on the Vercel Integrations Marketplace. If you are already using Vercel to develop and ship data-rich applications or considering it for a new application, this integration enables you to add Tigris, an Open Source Ops-free Serverless alternative to MongoDB Atlas, to your Vercel application within a few minutes.

Vercel and Tigris

Build data-rich applications with ease

Vercel is known for providing a great experience to developers to deploy and scale Next.js applications with ease and in a configuration-free manner. Features such as CI/CD, serverless functions, analytics and content delivery at the edge simplify the development workflow and enable the developers to focus on building applications.

Tigris is the perfect companion to Vercel! Tigris is an open source, ACID-transactional serverless document store which brings a Vercel-like modern Ops-free developer experience for database users.

Scale confidently with a true serverless database

Unlike MongoDB Atlas, it is built to be serverless from the ground-up. Storage, compute and data-indexing are built as separate layers which can be scaled independently. This is how Tigris provides a true serverless experience and is able to scale easily based on the application's needs.

Tigris provides a native HTTP interface that makes it work well with serverless applications where traditional databases suffer from connection-related issues.

The only database made for your development workflow

All the interactions with Tigris happen in code. Your development workflow is:

  1. Define data models
  2. Implement application logic, and
  3. Push the code to production.

All the database changes (creation, modification) get taken care of automatically, with no need to manually execute queries or click buttons.

It doesn't stop there, once your application is in production, Tigris doesn't put the burden of DBA operations on you. It provides automated data indexing which removes the need for DBA operations and means all the queries are always fast - no infra setup or configuration needed.

Finally, unlike MongoDB Atlas, Tigris' local development environment can run the entire platform in a single container, so you can develop locally and be sure that your code behaves the same way in production.

Get started today

If you're ready to start building your next application with Tigris and Vercel, getting started is simple. Select Tigris on the Vercel Integrations Marketplace and automatically create and link Tigris with your Vercel project in just a few clicks. We also have a starter app available for you to get you started quickly.

Vercel Tigris integration page

Tigris is the data platform built for Next.js applications! Use it as a scalable, ACID transactional, real-time backend for your serverless applications. Build rich features with dynamic data without worrying about slow database queries or missing indexes. Seamlessly implement search within your applications with its embedded search engine. Connect serverless functions with its event streams to build highly responsive applications that scale automatically.

Get early access and try out Tigris for your next Next.js application. Join ourDiscord community to ask any questions you might have.