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· 14 min read
Phil Leggetter

Database search is okay, at best. To build awesome search experiences you need a dedicated search product.

Earlier this month we released Tigris Search in BETA and covered how it supports automatic synchronization infrastructure between Tigris Database and Tigris Search, which improves developer productivity by enabling the team to focus on shipping features and not setting up and managing search and synchronization infrastructure.

However, you may be looking to quickly enhance your application experience by adding search capabilities using existing data without waiting to migrate your database to Tigris. Or, your data may not be in a database, and it's in some other type of data store, such as S3.

Whatever the reason, the Tigris Standalone Search feature allows you to quickly add search to your existing data.

Enabling awesome search experiences with Tigris Standalone Search

· 10 min read

This is part 3 of the NoSQL Data Modeling Series. In part one of the series, we covered modeling NoSQL one-to-one relations. and in part two we explored modeling NoSQL one-to-many relations. This is the third and final post and we will dive into modeling NoSQL many-to-many relations.

We model NoSQL many-to-many relations in two ways:

  1. Embeded many-to-many NoSQL data modeling
  2. Many-to-many NoSQL data modeling using a joining collection

For the second example we'll use related documents and demonstrate full-text search to perform advanced queries against our data.

NoSQL many-to-many data modeling