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· 4 min read
Michael Jolley

Astro bills itself as "the all-in-one web framework designed for speed," allowing you to "pull your content from anywhere." Their integration ecosystem helps you build performant, accessible, and SEO-friendly sites. Having built several sites with Astro, I can attest to the breadth of options to get your site up and running quickly.

But there was one noticeable gap in the ecosystem: database access. This is understandable because most Astro sites are built to be static. That's not to say you couldn't use a database with an Astro site, but it lacked the ease of use that their other integrations provide.

Tigris loves Astro

That's why we're excited to announce the official Tigris integration (@tigrisdata/astro) for Astro. This integration allows you to use Tigris as your database, and pull your data into your Astro site. This means you can build a static site with Astro, and use Tigris to power your content.

· One min read
Ovais Tariq

We're excited to announce that Tigris Data has joined Netlify's Jamstack Innovation Fund as one of the 10 most promising Jamstack startups.

Tigris Data joins Netlify's Jamstack Innovation Fund

As the world increasingly shifts to digital-first interactions, the need for fast, reliable, and secure web applications has never been greater. The Jamstack movement is a response to this need, focused on building web applications that provide rich experiences while at the same time being easy to deploy and scale. Data is, of course, crucial to building rich experiences, and the support from Netlify will accelerate our mission to provide the fast, reliable and secure data layer that Jamstack applications need to thrive.