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· 11 min read
Matthew Revell

Choosing how your app stores and manages data is one of those foundational decisions that will impact just about every other step you take. But with so much variety, how do you make the right call?

Tigris is an open source NoSQL database and search platform that you can run in any cloud, on your own hardware, or have it managed for you via Tigris Cloud. Here we'll look at how Tigris compares both to MongoDB and DynamoDB, as well as providing an overview of some of the features and tradeoffs you'll need to consider.

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Just want to see the feature comparison table? No problem, view the NoSQL database comparison table >

· 5 min read
Ovais Tariq
Phil Leggetter
Michael Jolley

MongoDB compatibility has been added to the Tigris open source NoSQL database and search platform and is now also available on Tigris Cloud.

The first beta release of Tigris MongoDB compatibility offers support for MongoDB 6.0+ CRUD and Aggregation operations. Any application that uses the supported MongoDB CRUD and Aggregation operations, no matter the programming language, can now use Tigris instead of a self-hosted MongoDB instance or MongoDB Atlas.