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· 23 min read
Phil Leggetter

Using Tigris Database and Search with tRPC and Next.js - Part 1

As we continue to build out our open source Developer Data Platform with data services such as Database and Search, we're constantly exploring ecosystems and their technologies to determine where our platform solves the biggest problems and is the best fit.

tRPC and Next.js standout in the serverless ecosystem. tRPC's mission of enabling developers to move fast and break nothing via end-to-end typesafe APIs perfectly aligns with our thinking at Tigris Data. In particular, how Tigris Database enables developers to define their data models in TypeScript and use them throughout their application logic, on both client and server.

So, in this tutorial series, we'll build a micro-blogging application called "Stream Social" using Tigris Database, Tigris Search, tRPC, and Next.js.

Tigris, tRPC, and Next.js logo

Tigris is a production-grade platform built to handle large datasets and a high volume of reads and writes. So, we'll pre-load the application with a reasonable sample size of 10,000 posts across a number of different users. We'll build functionality that lists the posts and allows you to paginate through them. We'll also add the ability to view all posts from a specific user and perform full-text search on all the posts.