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Tigris Automatic NoSQL Database to Search Sync now in Beta

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Phil Leggetter

Today, we're excited to share that Tigris Search has moved into beta.

Over the coming days, we'll share more about the features available in Tigris Search. But in this post, we'd like to focus on a feature that feels magical and we believe differentiates Tigris from the competition: Tigris Database to Search automatic synchronization.

Tigris Database to Search automatic synchronization allows you to automatically create search indexes and synchronize your data from Tigris Database to Tigris Search. You don't need to spin up any new and costly infrastructure or add any complex configuration to take advantage of this. All you need to do is update your Tigris data model definitions!

TypeScript data model showing a SearchField attribute

How to use Tigris Automatic NoSQL Database to Search Syncโ€‹

Tigris takes a code-first approach to data modeling. This means you define your data models using your preferred programming language.

For example, with TypeScript, adding automatic search sync to a data model is as simple as adding the @SearchField decorator:

import {
+ SearchField,
} from "@tigrisdata/core";

export class Post {
@PrimaryKey(TigrisDataTypes.UUID, { order: 1, autoGenerate: true })
id?: string;

@Field({ timestamp: "createdAt" })
createdAt?: Date;

+ @SearchField()
title: string;

+ @SearchField()
content?: string;

@Field({ default: false })
published?: boolean;

authorId: string;

The example above shows how to define a data model in TypeScript, with SearchField decorators added to instruct Tigris that title and content are to be indexed and used for full-text search.

Simple and powerful!

Get started Tigris Automatic NoSQL Database to Search Syncโ€‹

We're excited to have worked with Jason Lengstorf to put together a Learn With Jason tutorial to help you get started with Tigris Automatic NoSQL Database to Search Sync.

You can read the full Tigris Database + Search and Remix tutorial over on the Learn With Jason blog.

You can find additional information over in the Tigris Search docs.

Join the Tigris Communityโ€‹

The growing Tigris Discord community is here to help you with any questions that you may have. Whether it's getting up and running with the Tigris Database, Tigris Automatic NoSQL Database to Search Sync, and anything else Tigris.