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Calling all developers - Tigris is in Beta!

· 4 min read
Ovais Tariq
Complexity to Simplicity with Tigris

Join the Tigris waitlist and be the first to try the new open-source developer data platform for your next application

Over the past year, we’ve been building a revolutionary new data platform for developers to handle all their applications’ data needs without all the data infrastructure complexity. This is the first truly open source developer data platform available with a simple yet powerful, unified API that spans search, event streaming, and transactional document store. It enables you to focus on building your applications and stop worrying about the data infrastructure.

Today we are opening up the waitlist for you to join our beta program. Tigris is focused on the needs of the developer community and committed to delivering a solution that addresses the unique needs of developers in a data driven environment. The best way for us to build a better platform is to work with our users on a daily basis.

If you are interested in helping us out please add yourself to our waitlist. We will be providing access to the platform on a rolling basis in the coming weeks.

Why we created Tigris?

While working on the database platforms for companies like Uber, Percona and other startups, we noticed a common problem - Developers are held back by their databases.

Building modern cloud native applications often requires you to bolt on systems and infrastructure components to overcome the shortcomings of your data infrastructure that were never designed to operate in the modern ecosystem.

This means more tools to manage and deploy, and infrastructure complexity that distracts you from building your applications.

This cost of maintaining multiple different systems is not only expensive but is disruptive to development time. Time has become an extremely limited resource for developers. The more complex the environment, the more time is spent troubleshooting, learning new database languages, and maintaining various systems, instead of shipping features and building applications.

This is exactly why we built Tigris. Now developers will spend less time on tedious infrastructure management and more time on what they do best - coding and feature development.

Features to simplify your workflow

  1. Simple APIs: Quickly add data and easily retrieve or edit that data through simple and intuitive APIs.
  2. Flexible Document Model: Our JSON data structure makes it easy to map to the objects in your code while providing the schema enforcement seen in traditional databases. Furthermore, its flexibility makes it easy to evolve your data models.
  3. Zero Cost Schema Evolution: Schemas evolve in a lightweight manner without any downtime. Changes are performed in a transactional manner, take only a few milliseconds to complete and do not require a collection rebuild.
  4. Automatic Index Maintenance & Management: The system makes query tuning a thing of the past with automatic index management and maintenance, meaning you will never have to worry about slow queries due to missing indexes.
  5. Transactions: Strictly serializable isolation, and unlike some other document databases, no confusing read / write concerns to configure, and no cross-shard caveats.
  6. Event Streaming: Built-in event streaming allows you to subscribe and publish events using the same API you use to query and search data. Since data is automatically indexed, you can query all data and search through all events with ease.
  7. Global Search: Search across all your collections using full text or faceted search. All with an integrated search engine that eliminates the need to run a separate search platform and synchronize data.
  8. Cloud Native Architecture: Built as individual components that can be scaled independently to keep performance and scalability high while keeping costs low. Core data storage is built on FoundationDB, a distributed backend that enables nearly limitless scalability.
  9. Open Source: Tigris is truly open source, adhering to an Apache 2 license. Built on open source principles we’re committed to providing a secure, stable, and innovative product.
  10. Multi-tenant by default: Save on investment costs and maximize resource usage. Multi-tenancy provides the much needed flexibility to add new customers and applications quickly and easily.

If you are interested in helping us out please add yourself to our waitlist below. We will be providing access to the platform on a rolling basis in the coming weeks. If you’re selected to participate in the beta, you’ll receive an email invitation to get started.

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