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The Tigris Community is in the following places:

To participate in any Tigris Community destination, you must agree to the Tigris Community Code of Conduct.

Tigris Discord

The Tigris Discord is somewhere you can go to ask for help with Tigris and meet the code Tigris team and other community members.

In addition to following the Tigris Community Code of Conduct, we have two guidelines that we believe make it easier for community members to have discussions and make the community more excellent.

  1. Use Discord Threads and do not use inline replies. Discord Threads make it much easier to follow a conversation.
  2. Liberally apply Discord Reactions. If somebody has taken the time to write a message then a reaction is a great way to let them know that their contribution hasn't gone unnoticed.

Join the Tigris Discord.

Here's an overview of our Discord channels and how you can use them:

📋 Welcome

The welcome channel only ever has one message guiding how to use the Tigris Discord. The welcome channel has a similar purpose to this page.

📣 Announcements

Tigris Discord moderators use the #announcements channel for important updates. These are mostly Tigris platform product updates but may also be Discord or Tigris Data company updates. @channel will be used for important updates that all community members should know about. For example:

  • A breaking change in the Tigris platform or an SDK
  • A new product or feature release

🌱 Community/introductions

When you join the Tigris Discord, please introduce yourself to the rest of the community in the #introductions channel. When you do this, we recommend you share the following, but don't let this restrict you:

  • 💻 What technologies do you use?
  • 🛠 What do you plan to build? Did you find Tigris and have plans for something already?
  • 🌍 Where are you from? The Tigris team has people living worldwide, and we hope our community is too. Share your flag!

🌱 Community/general

The #general channel is the default channel and a place to drop a message if it doesn't make sense in any other channel or forum. Questions about how to achieve something using Tigris should go in the 🌱 Community/help channel.

🌱 Community/help

The #help channel is a [Discord forum] and the best place to ask a question about how to achieve something with Tigris. The Tigris team will be on-hand to help.

🌱 Community/chit-chat

Use the #chit-chat channel to hang out. Feel free to post things that are of general interest to the community. It's also OK to post something a little off-topic (for example, TV, movies, and games) as long as they adhere to the Code of Conduct.

🌱 Community/showcase

Use the #showcase channel to share anything that you have done with Tigris. Have a blog post, a new project you have built or are you using Tigris in production? Share it here, we love hearing about it.

🙌 Contribute/platform

Our team posts frequent updates and shared pull requests in the #platform channel. So if you want to get into the depths of Tigris, this channel is for you.

🙌 Contribute/developer-experience

If you're interested in making the experience of using the Tigris platform exceptional, check out the #developer-experience channel.

🔔 Notifications

The notifications channel group contains various automated notifications from systems we use, such as GitHub.

Tigris Data GitHub orgs

At Tigris Data, we believe in open-source, so we work in the open as much as possible.

Below you can find a list of the key repositories containing our main projects. However, you can explore the Tigris Data GitHub org for a full list.

We also have a Tigris Data Community GitHub org. In this GitHub organization, you will find code created for blog posts and other pieces of sample code.