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As developers ourselves, we have always wanted just to be able to focus on building applications and scale up those services and not spend time maintaining infrastructure.

This is why we have built Tigris. Tigris is a serverless NoSQL database and search platform that provides a suite of data services with an API-like approach to interact with data just as apps interact with other services such as Stripe. This allows you to build rich data-driven applications in an infrastructure-less way.

Tigris is licensed under the terms of the Apache License v2.0 and is available as a hosted platform through Tigris Cloud enabling you to simplify your operational experience.


🪗 Flexible Data Model

Flexibility of document databases and typed schema similar to relational databases, enables consolidation of transaction, non-transactional, structured and unstructured data use cases.

🤖 Automatic Database Sharding

Dynamic sharding that can scale out the cluster based on load and storage capacity, removing the need for manual database sharding.

🏦 ACID Transactions

Global, Interactive, ACID transactions with strict serializability using optimistic concurrency control.

Integrated database, search engine, and sync mechanism in a unified platform. Provides rich query DSL, fuzzy search, custom ranking, fast faceting and geo search.

🗂 Global Secondary Indexes

Transactionally consistent secondary indexes that enable fast lookups by any field.

🏝 Database Branching

Instantly branch the database in the same way that you branch your code.

💰 Fraction of the cost of DynamoDB and MongoDB Atlas

Scale to millions of records read and written and petabytes of data storage while at 25% of the cost of DynamoDB and MongoDB Atlas Serverless.

⚙️ Cloud-native Architecture

Disaggregated architecture - compute disaggregated from storage allowing for independent scaling and cost-efficiency.

💭 Multi Cloud Deployment Flexibility

Kubernetes-native platform design that allows it to be deployed to any cloud provider, and to your own infrastructure whether on-prem or in the cloud.

💚 Open Source

Truly open source, adhering to Apache License v2.0. Continuously built to improve performance, reliability and flexibility of the platform.