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MongoDB Compatibility (beta)

Tigris MongoDB compatibility enables you to plan the migration of your data-driven applications over to Tigris. You can begin by updating your connection string to connect to Tigris instead of MongoDB Atlas. Then, update your application functionality to take advantage of additional Tigris functionality according to your roadmap.

The first beta release of Tigris MongoDB compatibility offers support for MongoDB 6.0+ CRUD and Aggregation operations. You can communicate with Tigris using any open source MongoDB client drivers. Tigris enables the use of existing client drivers by leveraging the FerretDB library to adhere to the MongoDB wire protocol version 6.0.

We will add additional functionality based on the feedback we receive from the Tigris community.


Connection string To connect to Tigris using MongoDB compatibility, the connection string should be in the following format:


Create a Project in Tigris Cloud and get a Client ID and Client Secret from the Project's Application Keys. Replace TIGRIS_CLIENT_ID with a Tigris Client ID and TIGRIS_CLIENT_SECRET with a Client Secret in the above connection string.

Tigris vs. MongoDB Atlas benefits

Tigris has several crucial benefits when compared to MongoDB Atlas:

  • Cloud-native architecture: Tigris follows a modern composable architecture with loosely coupled components. Furthermore, compute is separated from storage, allowing for independent scaling and a more resilient system.
  • Automatic database sharding: Tigris provides automatic database sharding, and shard keys are unnecessary as the data distribution is automatically handled. This includes both sharding and optimizing the number of shards. MongoDB Atlas requires you to specify and manage sharding to horizontally scale. With Tigris you get more time to focus on developing applications for your users.
  • Cost-efficient and unlimited scalability: Unlike MongoDB Atlas, Tigris can scale to millions of records read and written per second and petabytes of data storage at a fraction of the cost.
  • Bring your own cloud: Tigris' open source Kubernetes-native design allows it to be deployed anywhere in the cloud in your own VPC, so that all the data is contained in your own environment.
  • Strong data consistency: The storage layer is built on FoundationDB, and Tigris inherits the strong consistency guarantees. Tigris provides global, interactive, ACID transactions with strict serializability using optimistic concurrency control. Tigris also provides strongly consistent global secondary indexes that enable powerful querying capabilities by any field.

How MongoDB compatibility works

Tigris leverages FerretDB library to provide compatibility with the wire protocol for MongoDB, which enables transparent compatibility with native MongoDB client SDKs, drivers, and tools. Tigris doesn't host the MongoDB database engine. Any MongoDB client driver compatible with version 6.0+ should be able to connect with no special configuration. We are actively working on testing the compatibility with all MongoDB drivers. The Driver Status section lists the most up-to-date information.


This article describes a feature of Tigris that provides wire protocol compatibility with MongoDB databases. Tigris does not run MongoDB databases to provide this service. Tigris is not affiliated with MongoDB, Inc.

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