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Get started

With an existing MongoDB application

To use an existing MongoDB application with Tigris, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a Project in Tigris and take a note of Project Name, application key Client ID, and Client Secret.

  2. Update the connection string to point to Tigris in the following format:

  3. Replacing TIGRIS_CLIENT_ID with your Client ID

  4. Replacing TIGRIS_CLIENT_SECRET with your Client Secret

  5. Update the database name in your code to the name of your Tigris Project

As stated above, only basic CRUD operations are supported.

Using the Tigris MongoDB compatibility quickstarts

Follow the Tigris MongoDB compatibility quickstarts to try out the MongoDB drivers with Tigris:

Using mongosh with Tigris

Follow the Using mongosh with Tigris guide to get started with trying out mongosh with Tigris.