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Deployment options

Tigris provides two deployment options in the cloud:

  • Managed Cloud
  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)


Both of the deployment options offer the following features:

Single-region or multi-region availability

  • A single-region deployment is deployed across three availability zones, which provides resilience in the event of a failure in of the zones. If that region fails the deployment becomes unavailable.
  • A multi-region cluster consists of a primary region and a secondary region. The secondary region is used in DR scenarios if the primary region fails.

Deployable anywhere in the cloud

Kubernetes-native design enables the platform to be deployed in any of the geographical regions to any of the cloud providers.

Virtually unlimited scalability

Scale to millions of records read and written and petabytes of data storage.

Private networking

Private networking using VPC peering.

Metrics and monitoring

Ability to export metrics to a 3rd-party monitoring system.

Deployment architecture

The following architecture diagram illustrates a deployment in AWS.

Tigris Deployment

Managed Cloud

With the Managed Cloud deployment, your data is hosted in Tigris' Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Tigris handles provisioning, scaling, operations, monitoring, and maintenance. Tigris also performs automatic continuous backups to S3 (for AWS) or GCS (for GCP).

Visit the Cloud console and sign in to start creating projects.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

With the BYOC option, Tigris is deployed in your own VPC, so that all the data is contained in your own environment. Tigris handles provisioning, scaling, operations, monitoring, and maintenance.