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Go MongoDB compatibility quickstart

This quickstart will get you up and running with an application that demonstrates Tigris MongoDB compatibility.

You can view the source for the Go MongoDB compatibility quickstart app on GitHub.


Get the code

Clone the repo, navigate into the directories, and install the application dependencies:

git clone
cd tigris-mongodb-go-example

Preparing Tigris

  1. Create a project in Tigris.
  2. Create an application key, and copy the Project Name, Client ID, and Client Secret values.

Setting up the environment

This application uses environment variables to store the URI, application key and project name. Using the id, secret and project values from the output above, create a file named .env with the following content:

Running the quickstart

Run this quickstart application using the following command:

go run main.go

You should see output similar to the following:

Inserted document into podcast collection: ObjectID("63f7e90863877e55d8e9ddf4")
Inserted 2 documents into episode collection!
Found 1 documents matching filter!
"ID": "63f7e90b63877e55d8e9ddf6",
"Podcast": "63f7e90863877e55d8e9ddf4",
"Title": "Progressive Web Application Development",
"Description": "Learn about PWA development with Tara Manicsic.",
"Duration": 32
Updated 1 Documents!
DeleteOne removed 1 document(s)

Explore the data

You can explore the data created by the quickstart application in the Tigris Cloud Console.