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Quickstart: TypeScript

Tigris is a Serverless NoSQL Database and Search Platform that provides an API-like approach to interact with data just as apps interact with other services such as Stripe. This allows you to build dynamic, data-driven applications in an infrastructure-less way.

Tigris provides an instantaneous and code-first experience, meaning you will not need to step out of your application code.

System requirements

  • Node.js v12 or newer
  • MacOS, Windows, and Linux are supported

Sign up

To sign up for Tigris, go to the Tigris Cloud console. You can choose to authenticate with Google, GitHub, or by using an email.

Create a project

Once you have successfully signed up, you are ready to start creating a project. You can create a new project from the Tigris Cloud dashboard by clicking on the Create a new project button and providing a project name.

Create a new project

Set up a new app with Tigris

Once the project is created, copy the create-tigris-app command that is shown

Create a new app

We recommend creating a new app using create-tigris-app, which sets up the Tigris SDK automatically for you. (You don't need to create an empty directory. create-tigris-app will make one for you.)

After the installation is complete:

  • Run npm run dev or yarn dev or pnpm dev to start the development server on http://localhost:3000

For more information on how to use create-tigris-app, you can review the create-tigris-app documentation.

Where to go from here?

🚀 Signup for Tigris Cloud - and start building your next application with it. We are here to help you get started. Join our Discord community to ask any questions you might have.