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Command Line Interface

Manages Tigris project and collections, read and write data, perform transactions and setup Tigris locally, all from the command line.

Tigris Installation

Here is instructions how to install the tigris utility.


tigris is a command line interface of Tigris data platform

tigris [command]

Available Commands:
alter Alters collection
backup Dumps documents and schemas to JSON files
completion Generates completion script for shell
config Configuration commands
create Creates project, collection, namespace or app_key
delete Deletes document(s)
delete-project Deletes project
describe Describes database or collection
dev Starts and stops local development Tigris server
docs Generates CLI documentation in Markdown format
drop Drops collection or application
generate Generating helper assets such as sample schema
help Help about any command
import Import documents into collection
insert Inserts document(s)
list Lists projects, collections or namespaces
login Authenticate on the Tigris instance
logout Logout from Tigris instance
ping Checks connection to Tigris
quota Quota related commands
read Reads and outputs documents
replace Inserts or replaces document(s)
restore restores documents and schemas from JSON files
scaffold Scaffold new application for project
search Searches a collection for documents matching the query
server Tigris server related commands
transact Executes a set of operations in a transaction
update Updates document(s)
version Shows tigris cli version

-h, --help help for tigris
-q, --quiet Suppress informational messages

Use "tigris [command] --help" for more information about a command.