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Tigris CLI utility reads configuration both from config files and environment variables.

Configuration files

Utility loads configuration from the following locations in the given order:

  1. /etc/tigris/tigris-cli.yaml
  2. $HOME/.tigris/tigris-cli.yaml
  3. ./config/tigris-cli.yaml
  4. ./tigris-cli.yaml

Example configuration file

Here is an example of tigris-cli.yaml:

project: "your_tigris_project"
client_id: "your_client_id"
client_secret: "your_client_secret"
timeout: 2s

Environment variables

Environment variables should have prefix TIGRIS_ followed by the configuration variable name. Nested variables delimited by underscore, meaning that variable which in the config file looks like the following:

two: value

Can be set like:


by the environment variable.

Environment variables have precedence over configuration files.

Example environment configuration

export TIGRIS_URI=""
export TIGRIS_PROJECT="your_tigris_project"
export TIGRIS_CLIENT_ID="your_client_id"
export TIGRIS_CLIENT_SECRET="your_client_secret"
export TIGRIS_DB_BRANCH="main"

Available configuration variables

  • client_id - Unique application identifier obtained in the web console
  • client_secret - Application secret obtained in the web console
  • url - URL pointing to the Tigris installation with optional port
  • project - Tigris project.
  • timeout - Request timeout
  • protocol - Protocol GRPC or HTTP(S).

Default configuration

url: "localhost:8081"
project: ""
timeout: 5s
protocol: grpc
client_id: ""
client_secret: """