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Authenticate on the Tigris instance


Performs authentication flow on the Tigris instance

  • Run "tigris login [url]",
  • It opens a login page in the browser
  • Enter organization name in the prompt. Click "Continue" button.
  • On the new page click "Continue with Google" or "Continue with Github", depending on which OIDC provider you prefer.
  • You will be asked for you Google or Github password, if are not already signed in to the account
  • You'll see "Successfully authenticated" on success
  • You can now return to the terminal and start using the CLI
tigris login {url} [flags]


# Login to the hosted platform
tigris login

# Point all subsequent commands to locally running instance
tigris login dev


  -h, --help   help for login


  • tigris - tigris is a command line interface of Tigris data platform