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Scaffold new application for project

tigris scaffold [flags]


# Create Tigris project with no collections
tigris scaffold --project=proj_name

# Scaffold application code using TypeSript, Express framework' and existing collections schema
tigris scaffold --project=proj_name --framework=express

# Bootstrap collections from the schema template
tigris scaffold --project=proj_name --schema-template todo

# Both bootstrap collections and scaffold Express application
tigris scaffold --project=proj_name --schema-template todo --framework=express


      --branch string             Specifies branch: --branch=my_br1
-c, --components strings Components of the project
-e, --example string Scaffold the project from the existing example
-f, --framework string Framework used for scaffolding
-h, --help help for scaffold
-l, --language string Language to Scaffold the project in. Possible values are: TypeScript, Golang, Java (default "typescript")
-o, --output-directory string Directory where to create the scaffolded application. The project name will be appended to this directory path (default ".")
-n, --package-name string Package name of the scaffolded project
-p, --project string Specifies project: --project=my_proj1
-s, --schema-template string Database schema template to use


  • tigris - tigris is a command line interface of Tigris data platform