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A schema defines all the fields that make up the document in a collection. All documents stored in a collection must conform to the collection's schema

Schema Validation

The validation happens during the inserts or updates to the collection. The validation performed like this:

  • Newly inserted documents are checked for validation.
  • During update, the new fields values are checked for the validation. As during insertion we are validating the document so we only need to validate the input.
  • Modifying the Schema

    After creating the collection, you can update the schema at any time. For example, in the previous Catalog model you need to add a description field to store product description. This can be achieve by just calling createOrUpdateCollection with a new model.

    Step 1: Update the Model

    Add the new field in your model.

    type Catalog struct {
    Id int `tigris:"primary_key,autoGenerate"`
    Name string
    Price float64
    Brand string
    Labels string
    Popularity int
    Description string

    Step 2: Update the Collection

    Updates the collection with the new model and any new operation will see the changes.

    db, err := client.OpenDatabase(ctx, &Catalog{})