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Supported Go Types

Tigris supports the majority of the basic Go types while also providing support for custom types.

  • Basic types: int, int32, int64, float32, float64, string, []string, byte, []byte, bool, map[string], time.Time, uuid.UUID
  • Custom types: struct to define custom types

Field Tags

Tags can be used in the struct definition to enrich the fields when declaring the models.

Tag NameDescription
jsonCustomize the struct fields when the model is converted into collection schema. Primarily used for transforming the struct field names as they get converted to collection schema
tigris:"primaryKey"Specify the field that will be used as the primary key. Optionally specify a number, for example tigris:"primaryKey:1", to define the field order in a composite primary key
tigris:"autoGenerate"Specify that Tigris should autogenerate the values for this field. This can be combined with the primaryKey tag