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Delete Documents

Documents can be deleted from a search index either using id field or a filter that matches any number of documents.

Get Search Index instance

client, err := tigris.NewClient(ctx, &tigris.Config{Project: "test"})

if err != nil {

defer func() { _ = client.Close() }()

s := client.GetSearch()
catalog := search.GetIndex[Catalog](s)

Delete documents using id

Use Delete to delete existing documents using id. It returns an array of DocStatus objects that has error in case deletion fails, error would be nil if deletion succeeds.

resp, err := catalog.Delete(ctx, []string{
if err != nil {

fmt.Printf("%+v\n", resp.Statuses[0])
fmt.Printf("%+v\n", resp.Statuses[1])
{ID:002eeee4-4249-469d-9425-100fc0e60a68 Error:<nil>}
{ID:5659ff93-83fc-4355-8564-ac8efb47f4ef Error:<nil>}

Delete multiple documents matching a filter

Alternatively, you can use the filters as used in search() to select a subset of documents for deletion. This DeleteByQuery() method returns a number of deleted documents.

Example: delete documents by filtering for documents matching a brand

deleteCount, err := catalog.DeleteByQuery(ctx, filter.Eq("branch", "coach"));

Example: delete documents matching a more complex filtering condition

deleteCount, err := catalog.DeleteByQuery(
filter.Gte("price", 35),
filter.Lt("price", 90),