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Tigris enables you to deliver delightful search experiences through a unified, platform that combines database, full-text search, and sync mechanism, providing the fastest and easiest way to build search capabilities into applications.

Search Index

Tigris organizes documents into a search index that is a data structure optimized for providing full-text search capabilities. Tigris offers simple and intuitive APIs for storing, reading and searching JSON documents from the search index.

Getting Started

We have a ready to use template project that demonstrates implementing a Search REST API using Express and Tigris TypeScript SDK.

Follow the following steps to get started with it.


System requirements

Sign up

To get started, go to the Tigris console and sign up.

Create a project

Once you have successfully signed up, you are ready to start creating a project. You can create a new project from the Tigris Cloud dashboard by clicking on the Create a new project button from the Tigris Cloud dashboard.

Create a new project

Run the create-tigris-app command

As part of project creation, Tigris will generate the credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) for use with your application. You can fetch the credentials from the Application Keys page. These credentials and the name of the project that you specified in the previous step will be required by the create-tigris-app command.

Run the create-tigris-app command as follows:

npx create-tigris-app@latest --example rest-search-express

The above command will also take care of installing the dependencies.

✔ What is your project named? … mysearchapp
✔ What is the clientId? … my_client_id
✔ What is the clientSecret? … *********
Creating a new app in /Users/ovaistariq/projects/mysearchapp.

Downloading files for example rest-search-express. This might take a moment.

Initializing project with template: rest-search-express

Using npm.

Installing dependencies:
- @tigrisdata/core: 1.0.0-beta.21
- express: 4.18.2

added 245 packages, and audited 246 packages in 5s

35 packages are looking for funding
run `npm fund` for details

found 0 vulnerabilities
Initialized a git repository.

Success! Created mysearchapp at /Users/ovaistariq/projects/mysearchapp

Inside that directory, you can run several commands:

npm run dev
Starts the development server.

npm run build
Builds the app for production.

npm start
Runs the built app in production mode.

We suggest that you begin by typing:

cd /Users/ovaistariq/projects/mysearchapp
npm run dev

After the installation is complete tun npm run dev or yarn dev or pnpm dev to start the development server on http://localhost:3000.