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Object Metadata Querying

Tigris indexes important metadata fields such as Content-Type, Content-Length, and Last-Modified for every object stored in a bucket. You can query these objects using a SQL-like syntax through the X-Tigris-Query header when using the ListObjectsV2 API.

The X-Tigris-Query field query can be thought of as the WHERE clause in a SQL query. For instance, to find all objects with a Content-Type of text/javascript, set the header as follows:

  • X-Tigris-Query: `Content-Type` = "text/javascript"

Queryable Fields

Tigris supports querying against the following fields:

  1. `Content-Type`: The content type assigned during upload.
  2. `Content-Length`: The size of the object.
  3. `Last-Modified`: The Unix timestamp of the last modification.

SQL Operations

Query supports following comparison operators:

  1. =: Equal
  2. !=: Not Equal
  3. > and <: Greater than and less than
  4. >= and <=: Greater than or equal and less than or equal
  5. AND: Combine multiple conditions in a query.

Order by

You can sort the list using ORDER BY. For example, to retrieve all items smaller than 64KB ordered by Content-Type:

  • `Content-Length` < 65536 ORDER BY `Content-Type`

Example Queries

Example queries that can be performed:

  1. `Content-Type` = "text/plain"
  2. `Content-Type` >= "text/c" AND `Content-Type` < "text/j"
  3. `Content-Length` > 0 ORDER BY `Content-Length` ASC
  4. `Content-Length` != 65536 AND `Content-Type` = "text/plain"
  5. `Last-Modified` > 1715171786789

Next steps

  • Check out the Example usage for more details on how to use them in your application.