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We're enabling billing for Tigris in July

· 4 min read
Ovais Tariq

Since we launched our public beta three months ago, our usage has skyrocketed, and hundreds of early adopters have picked Tigris as their storage solution. We've implemented tons of requested features and invested heavily in Tigris' performance, security, and reliability. We're grateful for your feedback and confident that we are on track to make the most developer-friendly object storage service.

Tigris globally distributed object
storage [Credits: Xe Iaso -]

With that, we will start billing for Tigris usage in July because we're confident that Tigris is reliable enough for us to justify doing that. Check out our pricing page for details on the pricing structure. The beta tag will stay, but we'll offer the same support expected from a highly reliable production-ready platform. Check out our SLA page for details about our uptime commitment.


  • Data storage is $0.02 per GB
    • Unless you elect to control the data distribution and store multiple copies of your data in different regions, if you create primary copies in two regions, you will be charged twice for the object.
    • Note that this doesn't apply to Tigris's default behavior of managing the data distribution for you. As always, that counts as a single copy. Neither does this apply to pull-through caching, which is free, as always.
  • PUT, COPY, POST, and LIST requests are $0.005/1000 requests
  • GET, SELECT, and all other requests are $0.0005/ 1000 requests
  • Data egress: $0.00 per GB
  • Unauthorized requests to your buckets: $0.00 per request

Despite all of this, if you suffer an attack and get an unexpectedly large bill, please contact us at We are more than happy to discuss a refund.

Starting June 1st, 2024, you will see detailed usage and costs in your organization billing dashboard. The actual charge will be made on your July 1st invoice.

Beta program in numbers

We thought you might also be interested in some stats to see how well we have done in the last three months:

  • ~1 PB of storage
  • ~1 B objects
  • ~250 M requests per day
  • ~1 K buckets

New features and enhancements

Supporting Tigris adoption and usage with feature work has been heartwarming. Some of the new features added since our launch include:

And there's more to come!

We hope you have fun building with Tigris and would love to see what you build. Reach out to us on X (formerly Twitter) or the community forum, and give us your feedback. We can't wait to see what you all dream up.